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The exhibition: Namsborg, Vikings in Europe and Nantes

Our Hotel Nantes Saint-Herblain offers you a journey back in time.
Until January 6, 2019, enjoy a family exhibition that traces the passage of the Vikings in the Nantes region.

When history is like a legend!

These great warriors and navigators have criss-crossed our lands to wage war.
A low relief tombstone dating from 793 is found at Lindisfarne Monastery, an episode that marks the beginning of the Viking period in Europe.
In 799, They pass on the island Noirmoutier, a work of the time with magnificent illuminations relate this passage.
On May 12, 841, the Scandinavians went up the river and attacked the abbeys as far as Rouen.
June 24, 843, a mythical date of the massacre of Saint John. In 1852, Edouard Jolin evoked this history through a pictorial work entitled "The Martyr of Saint Gohard".
In 853, Nantes was taken, then after wintering, the Vikings went up the Loire to Angers and pillaged everything on their way.
From 856, the Vikings settled in the Nantes region.
In 890, The Battle of Questembert was won by the Duke of Brittany, Alain Le Grand against the Vikings.
But Rögnvaldr, Viking chieftain of Norwegian origin, and his men embarked on their drakkars and landed on the Franques and Bretonnes coasts, notably in Guérande in 919. In 921, Nantes is besieged again...

Almost 1000 years later, what are the traces of the passage of the Vikings in Nantes and in the region?

Echoing the exhibition "Nous les appelons Vikings" at the Château des ducs de Bretagne, this exhibition presents a complementary section on the traces of the passage of the Vikings in the Nantes region.

To know more about it discover the agenda of the animations.
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